Interior Design

Nothing beats any property with good aesthetics. Giving your project the beauty that it deserves is what we are trained to do. Creativity, innovation, and professionalism are what make us different.

Site Supervision

JGBC offers customized project management services to improve project operations. Our employees are trained to partner with any person irrespective of their pedigree such as the highest quality and most competitive contractors and design and engineering consultants, or manage design changes to meet budget targets, we are committed to your ultimate success.

Material Supply

Worry less if the problem is where to source quality materials for your building as JGBC is a solution provider to the best and durable materials for your projects.

Civil Engineering

The life core of any landmark construction project is the structural framework and at JGBC, we apply our expertise, experience, and ingenuity to inspire trust and deliver excellence in everything we do when it comes to structural engineering.


The visions of our clients are as important as the realization of their projects. At JGBC, we bring our client’s visions to life with a holistic approach that begins with innovative design and spans the entire life of the property.


Our maintenance team offers a wider range of services to our clients. We help our clients to restore their projects to give them a new lease of life. We are experts in restoration. We give old and worn-out projects the opportunity to shine again.


For us at John Grace Building & Construction we take away every daunting and nightmarish feeling for you when it comes to tiling. Our installers are well-trained professionals who work with expertise to deliver creative and innovative results at the end of the project. We don’t just install tiles, we passionately ensure that you get the best experience when you step on our finished project.


When it comes to the craft of Masonry only a few understand the technicalities that are associated with it and that is where John Grace Building & Construction distinguishes itself from the others. Our masons deliver top-notch services when handling projects. We bring valuable years of experience into the field. No matter how delicate or complex your project is, our experts can handle it. We are passionate about fine and beautiful masonry.


How your interlocked premises appear at a glance is a vital component of how you are perceived. This is why we focus on delivering a good job that will give you the respect that you deserve. How we do it remains one of our trade secrets. We are not satisfied until our clients are.


Expect fantastic finished work when you hire the best when it comes to delivering top-notch painting. We have our own unique way of ensuring superb rendering of paints. We don’t just paint but also offer expert advice on the best painting options for your projects. We already have a following due to our unmatched excellent service and superior results.

Iron Bending

We offer a wide range of Iron bending works for our clients in ensuring that their projects remain solid. Our handlers are well-trained and have over the years gathered valuable experience. Our expertise is second to none.


We offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services from new installations to repairs. We handle maintenance as well as offer consultancy services on the best plumbing materials to use for your projects. We apply modern and innovative solutions to your plumbing projects. We focus on every little detail to take away any nightmares caused by clogs and leaks.

Electrical Engineering

We light up your projects through our modern and innovative electrical engineering experts. We move with the tide in providing the best electrical services for our clients. At John Grace Building & Construction, we never leave any stone unturned in ensuring that every cable is fully in place. We are not satisfied with our work until we get a satisfactory pass mark from our clients.